Enabling Zuli Presence with the Nest Thermostat

We're extremely proud to be the featured Smartplug in the Works with Nest program! The Zuli and Nest integration is meant to create a more integrated and intelligent experience for users, specifically by utilizing the Zuli Presence technology.

With 3 or more Zuli Smartplugs set up and with Zuli Presence enabled, your Nest Thermostat will know who's home and what the desired temperature should be. Further, the integration allows you to passively set the Nest Thermostat to your preferred temperature when you arrive home, or when you leave — without ever having to take out your phone.

Begin by adding a Nest Thermostat to your network. The Presence settings for your Nest Thermostat are inside the device details — here, you will be able to set the preferred temperature when you arrive or leave your home.

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