What's new in v1.5 of Presence?

 [April 19, 2016]

We’ve made some improvements under the hood to make Zuli Presence faster, more accurate, and more reliable! As you continue to use Presence, the app will begin to learn the layout of your home and your devices will turn on and off more reliably. We’ve also optimized the Presence engine, which greatly improves battery consumption.

We’ve also added a new feature to Presence called Presence Evenings! We understand that you don’t normally turn on the lights during the day so we decided to mimic that experience with Presence. Presence Evenings allows you to set your lights to only turn on when you enter a room after sunset and before sunrise. To enable this feature, just go into the Presence settings of any light and make sure the “Only in the evenings” option is selected. Rest assured that you can still turn the light on manually or via the Zuli app during the day.

Do note that if you already have Presence enabled and update to version 1.5 of the app, you will be required to recalibrate each room.

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