Zuli now works with Philips Hue!

Since launching the Zuli Smartplug, it’s been our mission to bring the entire Zuli experience to every aspect of your smart home. Not only will you be able to control anything that’s plugged into the Smartplug, you can now also control Philips Hue products from the convenience of the Zuli app – so you can forget about ever using that lightswitch again!

From the Zuli app, you will have the ability to turn Philips Hue on/off, dim the brightness, set schedules, and monitor your energy use – a feature currently only available in the Zuli app! No Smartplugs are needed for basic control, however, in order to use Presence with Philips Hue, a minimum of 3 Smartplugs is required.

Learn more about Zuli Presence.

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