How to factory reset your Zuli Smartplugs

It may be necessary to reset your Smartplugs when troubleshooting or if they are not able to be seen by the app when you first open the box.

If you have already set up your Smartplugs in the Zuli app and need to perform a factory reset, you will need to delete them from the app first: Left menu > Manage Place > Devices > Locate the device > Delete.

Steps for factory resetting your Zuli Smartplug:

1) Unplug the Smartplug from the wall and remove your lamp or appliance from the Smartplug.
2) Hold down the button on the side of the Smartplug, then plug it in to your powered outlet while continuing to hold the button.
3) If done correctly, you will see the LED light begin to blink red.
4) Continue to hold the button for roughly 10 seconds until the LED stops blinking and is solid red. Release the button.
6) The Smartplug has now been restored to factory settings, indicated by a chirping white LED
7) You can now set up your Smartplug again.

Please let us know if you continue to have any trouble by emailing us at

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  • Avatar
    Tony Stinson

    After many attempts to open an account I keep coming up with the same response, “ failed to create an account, an unknown error has occurred - 1012. Please advise. Thank you.

  • Avatar
    Shawn Wiseman

    Do all smartplugs need to be reset if I'm just really trying to reset one of them? I've done factory reset on one device and now my app will not see it? I've restarted my phone and killed the app but it still will not notice the plug even though the plug is reset and now flashing white

  • Avatar
    Ken Brown

    My Smartplug is deader than a door nail. No sign of life or light when trying to reset this plug. I'd also like to know the answer to Shawn's question above whether all plugs need to be reset or can I just reset one individually.

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