Security and Data


The Smartplug

Schedules are stored on the Smartplug in order to have the Smartplugs themselves turn on/off devices while you are not at home.

The Phone

User data is stored on the phone as it is necessary to sign on.

Since the machine algorithms run on the phone, Smartplug data, places, rooms, calibration data, learning data and other device data all need to be stored on the phone. 

The Cloud

Data is stored in the cloud to enable users to use Zuli devices from any of their bluetooth enabled mobile devices.Access

Zuli staff can view anonymous data pertaining to your account. These staff members can see places, rooms and devices in your account but they cannot see any personally identifiable information like email and name.

Calibration and learning data are encoded and are not human readable at all.

Zuli does not collect information that would allow anyone know where you live. The learning data that is stored in our service on its own does not give any clues as to your physical address.

Your email and name are encrypted on the server and are only available to a small number of administrators. If you agree to give us your email address in support transactions, we can find your account and assist you with problems, but the email address is still not seen on the screen.


It’s your home, you should always feel safe and secure. Zuli handles your data with the utmost respect and protection, and is consistently improving its security methods. Any data collected by Zuli is exclusively used to improve your experience and is never shared without your authorization. 

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