What is Zuli Presence?

Zuli Presence senses when you enter or exit a room and notifies the Smartplugs to set the lights and temperature — just the way you like them. No need to pull your phone out of your pocket, or fiddle with the light switch anymore. A minimum of 3 Smartplugs is required to use Presence.

Zuli Presence uses breakthrough algorithms to accurately and reliably pin-point your location within your home. It is designed to learn over time, to understand the unique aspects of your home, and continuously train itself to enhance your experience. Zuli Smartplugs work together to detect and passively react to significant changes in the environment. By leveraging your smartphone as a unique identifier, Zuli can create highly personalized experiences around your preferences and tendencies.

Read more about the technology behind the Zuli Smartplug.

Note: updating to v1.5 of the app (released on April 19, 2016), will require a recalibration of each room, even if you had Presence previously enabled.


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