Schedule (Video)

Select Schedule in the features section of any device and tap Add Event.

You can customize what you’d like the Smartplug to do and when. Select time, daily repeat options, an event name and then tap done. You’ll then see the scheduled event listed under that device's Schedule. Edit or add events as you please. 

Check out the video:


Here are the steps discussed in the video:

  • In your Room, tap the particular device that you’d like to create a schedule for
  • Tap Schedule
  • Tap Add Event (at the bottom)
  • Select On/Off times
  • Tap on time to adjust time
  • Add days you'd like to repeat the action
  • Name your schedule
  • Tap Add Event to load schedule to Smartplug
  • You can always turn the schedule on and off or delete it at any time
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