How do I get additional support? (Feedback)

A cool support feature we have is called Feedback. It gives you the option of how you engage with our support team. How do you use it?

    1. Tap the menu (top left) button
    2. Tap Support at the bottom
    3. Including an email address will guarantee a response from us. Prefer to remain anonymous? That's cool too, but we won't be able to get back to you. So, if you'd like a response, please include your email.
    4. Select the type of feedback you'd like to provide: Presence Feedback is for Zuli Presence related issues while General Feedback is for everything else.
    5. For Presence Feedback, we get a little bit more specific. Please enter the description of the problem, then select all of the issues that you'd like us to know about. For each of the detection options, you can also follow with the particular room. For the device option, you can select the specific device that is giving you trouble. Then hit, Send!
    6. For General Feedback, enter the description with as much info as you'd like. Then, hit Send!
    7. For the Help Center, just tap and you'll be taken to our Help Center.


See this image:

We're also always available through these channels:



Twitter: @zulihome



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