How do I recalibrate Zuli Presence? (Video)

Recalibrating Zuli Presence may be necessary if you are having trouble with the feature. 

Anytime you alter the configuration of Smartplugs in the room by moving Smartplugs around to new outlets etc., you will need to recalibrate Zuli Presence for the Smartplugs in that room.


  1. In the room screen, tap on the device, Presence, recalibrate (at the bottom)
  2. You will be guided through the Zuli Presence calibration steps

Follow the normal Zuli Presence calibration instructions for the Smartplugs you need to recalibrate.

Note: updating to v1.5 of the app (released on April 19, 2016), will require a recalibration of each room, even if you had Presence previously enabled.

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