How do I add a Nest Thermostat? (Video)

To begin, make sure you have already registered for a Nest Account and have successfully set up your Nest Thermostat prior to adding it to the Zuli app.

Tap the menu (top left) > Add Device > Nest Thermostat and then follow the instructions on the screen to add a Nest device. 

This video can assist you:

Here are the steps mentioned in the video:

  • Tap the menu (top left)> Add Device> Nest Thermostat
  • Log in with Nest account
  • App will show you all available Thermostats
  • Select one and give it a name & icon
  • Choose Room you would like to add it to
  • Go back to the Room screen (top right)
  • Tap the Nest Thermostat to adjust preferences
  • Tap Temperature
  • Drag slider clockwise to increase temperature
  • Drag slider counterclockwise to decrease temperature

Note: it takes approx. 10 seconds for Nest to respond to these commands. 

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