How do I calibrate Zuli Presence? (Video)

To learn the unique layout of your home, Zuli Presence requires calibration of your rooms. Make sure you've already set up all of your Smartplugs before beginning this process.

A minimum of 3 Smartplugs setup in your account is required for Presence to work. It's not necessary to have all the Smartplugs in the same room, however, it's important to note that it's best to calibrate each room that has a Smartplug even though you may not want Presence on for those rooms. This helps our algorithm better understand the layout in your home and more reliably turn devices on/off.

  1. Begin by selecting the left menu (top left of the home screen) > select Presence > select the room you would like to calibrate > Calibrate.
  2. Stand where you want Presence to trigger. Hold your phone in front of you and press Ready. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the calibration.
  3. Once the calibration is complete, you can specify if the device turns on or off based on whether you enter or exit the room.
  4. Repeat the above steps for all rooms.

The video below details the entire process:

If Presence is successfully calibrated for your entire network, you will notice that the app will update to the current room you're in as you walk from room to room. Recalibration might be necessary if you do not experience desired results.

Note: updating to v1.5 of the app (released on April 19, 2016), will require a recalibration of each room, even if you had Presence previously enabled.

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