How do I dim my lights using Zuli? (Video)

If you have a dimmable bulb, you can use Zuli's dim feature to control the brightness of your lamps. 

How do you know if you have a dimmable bulb?

All incandescent bulbs (the *old* kind you probably grew up with) are dimmable. It is important that you never select a non-dimmable device to be dimmable in the Zuli app.

Our dim feature is ONLY DESIGNED to be used with incandescent bulbs and dimmable CFL/LED/Halogen bulbs.

DO NOT SET UP non-dimmable devices to be dimmable with the Zuli App. This could have catastrophic consequences for your non-dimmable devices. 

Click here to learn how to change the settings on your Zuli Smartplug to enable dimming if you did not initially setup a device as a dimmable light.


How do I dim my lights?

To dim your lights, first tap the device in the Room screen you'd like to dim. Then, tap "Dim". You've now opened up the dimming feature. Tap and hold on the circle and drag it clockwise. This will cause the light to be more bright.

To decrease brightness, tap and hold on the circle and drag it counter-clockwise.

Check out this video:


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