How do I change rooms and enable global control for all devices? (Video)

You can switch rooms manually if you don't have Zuli Presence enabled. But, if you have Zuli Presence enabled, the app will show your current room automatically as you move from room to room in your Place.


Room Change & Global Controls for Place

Switch rooms easily and control all your devices with just one touch. Check out the video for more:


Here's how:

  • Tap on room screen (top right)
  • Select the Room you’d like to switch to
  • Select All Devices to get the complete view of all Smartplugs in your Place
  • Pull down to view Global Controls. Any available devices that you can change will appear as white. Those that aren't available will be gray.
  • On/Off
  • Dimming

Global Controls for Rooms

Control all the devices in a particular Room by pulling down on the screen. From here, you can turn multiple lights on and off and even dim them in a particular room. Check out the video:


 Here's how:

  • In your Room, pull down on the screen
  • On/Off & Dim multiple lights that are available
  • Tap top icon to go back to room screen
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