How do I add a new Zuli Smartplug? (Video)

After you’ve set up your first Smartplug, the app will default to the Room screen view. To set up additional Smartplugs, tap the menu button (top left corner) to open the main menu.

Once there, tap “Add Devices" and follow the same procedure as you did before to set up your other Smartplugs. Check out this video to see how:

Here are the steps mentioned in this video:

  • Tap on menu (top left), Add device
  • Zuli Smartplug
  • Plug in Smartplug
  • Start Scanning
  • Devices will glow
  • Select Smartplug you wish to set up
  • Add to Room
  • Choose preconfigured Room
  • Add New Room
  • Choose Electric device, non-dimmable light or dimmable light - only choose dimmable light if you know that light is dimmable
  • Add plug name and icon
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    What to do if after set up, it says out of range and I’m in same room?

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