How do I set up Zuli Smartplugs? (Video)

Setting up your Zuli Smartplug is a snap. Watch the video below for instructions on how to get started:



Here are the steps mentioned in the video:

  • Create account
  • Take the Tour
  • Bluetooth and Location Services on
  • Create a new Place
  • Setup Smartplug
  • Plug in Smartplugs
  • Start scanning
  • Physical devices will glow 
  • Select Smartplug you wish to setup
  • Add to Room
  • Choose preconfigured Room
  • Add New Room, select icon 
  • Choose Electric device, non-dimmable light or dimmable light - only choose dimmable light if you know that light is dimmable
  • Add plug name and icon
  • Follow same steps for remaining Smartplugs


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  • Avatar
    D. James Kendall

    I get to "Come on in" page and push "Get Started" and nothing happens???

  • Avatar

    I get the same thing

  • Avatar

    Need a app for Android phones

  • Avatar
    Lucius Wood

    Are you still in business?

  • Avatar
    Ed Lastinger

    No app for Android?
    Please someone let me know whether or not there's an app or not for this Android thank you bye bye

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