What's the difference between Places, Rooms and Smartplugs?

Places: Everything under one roof. Any location that you would like to set up Zuli Smartplugs. Examples: Home, Office, Vacation House, Cabin, etc.

Rooms: Particular rooms within a given place. They keep Smartplugs organized. Select a readymade one, or create, name & color your own.  Examples: Bedroom, Bathroom, Living Room. 

Smartplugs: They make this whole relationship possible. Plug something into it and give it a fancy name. Examples: Lamp, Heater, TV, Mike's Kegerator or le lave-vaisselle (that's Dishwasher in French if you are playing at home). 

You'll have the opportunity to select each of these as you setup your Smartplugs. How do you do that? Easy, check out this link for more. 

Need some helpful use case ideas? Check these out

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